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2 men killed between last night and this morning …1 of them said to have attacked an off duty police officer

Gun related killings in the east and the west of Trinidad and Tobago.

In Dabadie in the east, the victim has been identified only as Damien.

Reports say the incident occurred near the Dabadie public cemetery just after midnight last night.

Residents heard several explosions and contacted the police.

When officers arrived they found the man bleeding from gunshot wounds.

He was taken to a near by Arima Health Facility where he died.

And a Franklyn De Frietas is fatally shot by an off duty police officer at Lady Chancellor Hill.

At around 7:10 last night the officer was jogging when a car with 3 men pulled up alongside him.

It is said Mr. De Frietas was the driver of the car.

He reportedly opened fire on the officer who pulled his gun and shot Mr. De Frietas and another occupant of the vehicle.

Mr. De Frietas was pronounced dead at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

The wounded man is warded under police guard.

He was held while seeking medical attention at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

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