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15 children among the Venezuelan migrants found in Palo Seco

image-3.2051903.a8d1851a9115 children are among the 101 Venezuelan migrants found at an illegal camp in Palo Seco.


The Venezuelans were found in the forest yesterday.


There were 65 men and 21 women held.


Officers of the Immigration Division have processed them all.


Reports say officers of the Southwestern Division detained the Venezuelans at around 1pm.


The discovery was made during an emergency response patrol.


The police service says while on patrol 2 officers received information about the camp located along Beach Road.


The officers are said to have called for back up and went into the area where they found the camp.


The foreign nationals were secured and with the exception of one man, have received an Order of Supervision document from Immigration Officers.


The police service explains that the documents permit the Venezuelans to leave police custody but they must make routine visits to Immigration Officers on specific dates in July.


The person who was not granted an Order of Supervision had no form of identification and will remain in custody.

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