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War of words between Acting Police Commissioner and his predecessor

A war of words develops between the Acting Police Commissioner and his predecessor following accusations surrounding the issuing of Firearm Users Licenses.

Stephen Williams says Gary Griffith listens to no one and does not understand his role as head of the police service.

On Monday Acting Commissioner Gary Griffith took issue with Mr. Williams’ objection to individual being allowed to own multiple weapons.

But on The Morning Show on i95.5fm yesterday, Stephen Williams questioned where Mr. Griffith would have gotten the number he used.

He insisted a person possessing multiple legal weapons is unacceptable.

Mr. Williams also explained that no one is entitled to own a gun in this country.

The retired Commissioner said he should have spoken out over the last 3 years, but did not wish to be in a public battle with anyone.

However in response, the acting top cop questions the timing of Mr. Williams’ statements.

Mr. Griffith says he has decided to speak out just as a new Commissioner is to be selected.

According to Mr. Griffith, the former Commissioner was not concerned when criminals had thousands of illegal weapons but he has a voice when law-abiding citizens want to protect themselves.

Speaking with Newscenter 5 yesterday, the acting top cop said under Mr. Williams the police service was stagnant.

In an opinion poll commissioned by the Police Service Commission earlier this year Mr. Griffith received an 80% approval rating.

He received scores 75% or higher in the areas of leading by example, being accessible, personal integrity and command presence.

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