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UNC behaviour in Parliament leaves a bad taste in the mouth of Attorney General

Attorney General Reginald Armour

Attorney General Reginald Armour is saddened by the behaviour of the Opposition in the House of Representatives.

He made the comment as he wound up debate on the Miscellaneous Provisions (Criminal Proceedings) Bill, 2021

The Bill was passed in the Lower House yesterday.

It sought to “amend the Interpretation Act, Chap. 3:01, the Supreme Court of Judicature Act, Chap. 4:01, the Offences Against The Person Act, Chap. 11:08, the Criminal Procedure Act, Chap. 12:02” and related matters.

The legislation was read a third time and passed in the Parliament yesterday, following contributions by 8 government and Opposition MPs.

Mr. Armour SC who also wound up the debate moved the second reading of the Bill.

He said he was saddened by the behaviour of the Opposition members in the House who prefer to trade insults than to do the job before them.

Yesterday members of the Opposition again walked out of the House, as the Attorney General was about to table the bill.

The Opposition members took their leave but not before a verbal exchange.

The situation prompted a response from the government bench. 

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