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Two murders to start the new year

police-line-do-not-cross-body1-e1334691651599Two murders have blotched the landscape of a brand new year, not yet two days old.


The victims are Daniel Mahabir and Samuel Sookdeo.


Reports say Mr. Sookdeo was killed in Union Village at around 10:45 last night.


Newscenter 5 understands Mr. Sookdeo was in the company of another man when they came under gunfire.


Officers arrived on the scene and rushed both men to hospital, where Mr. Sookdeo died while undergoing surgery.


The other man was treated and is now listed in a stable condition.


And Mr. Mahabir was found dead in Sea Lots.


He was 55-years-old.


His body was discovered around 10: 40 yesterday morning.


Police reports say Mr. Mahabir, was involved in an argument with a man at Concession Drive.


During the fight Mr. Mahabir was struck on the head with a rock.


Residents of Pioneer Drive say they later found Mr. Mahabir lying motionless in an area known as “The Junkyard”


They then contacted the police.


Investigations into both incidents are underway.

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