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Trade Minister calls on retailers to have a heart, as price gouging seems evident

Trade and Industry Minister Paula Gopee Scoon

The almost immediate rise in the cost of flour and other food items is causing some concern for the Trade and Industry Minister Paula Gopee Scoon.

She is calling on shop and supermarket owners to have a heart and think about the consumer.

Yesterday the Minister again listed all the factors, which have led to higher prices locally and globally.

But she insisted price gouging and other unfair tagging would not be tolerated.

She said the Consumer Affairs Division would be monitoring these prices closely.

Speaking during the Post Cabinet News Conference yesterday, Mrs. Gopie-Scoon assured the population will be addressed on relief to the vulnerable in 2 weeks.

National Flour Mills announced a hike in the price of flour on Tuesday.

On Wednesday the second largest provider of flour, Nutrimix also announced price increases.

Meanwhile the Kiss Baking Company has increased the price of its bread by 11%.

The price increase will take effect from July 1st.

In a statement today the company says the 33% price increase announced by National Flour Mills will severely impact the company, as flour is its primary raw material. 

The company states that following a review of all raw material inputs and making every effort to minimize the impact, it has no choice but to increase the price of bread. 

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