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Another flour provider announces price hikes

Another local provider of flour has announced price hikes.

On the heels of the National Flourmills announcement, Nutrimix says its prices on the brands country pride and premium will be increased between ten and 33%.

The new prices come into effect next Monday.

Nutrimix is the second largest flour provider in the country.

Just as NFM, Nutrimix has also cited the conflict in Ukraine, bad weather and the curtailment of exports as reasons for the hike.

In the Parliament yesterday Chief Whip David Lee asked the Trade Minister how her government intends to buffer the price increases.

Minister Paula Gopie-Scoon said Trinidad and Tobago is not alone in this regard but help is coming.

Meanwhile there are fears that the price increases will reverberate in all sectors using flour.

Pressed to say how the increase in flour prices affects the price of its bread, Kiss Baking Company Limited in a written response, says it is currently reviewing all costs.

Further, Kiss says it is committed to doing everything to minimize the unavoidable impact that the increase in the price of flour will have on its prices.    

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