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Tobago police looking for man accused of buggering 15-year-old boy

Police-lights-4_13Tobago police are searching for a man accused of buggering a 15-year-old boy.


The Tobago- arm of the Child Protection Unit of the TTPS says the secondary school student was buggered at his home earlier this week.


Police reports say the incident occurred on Monday when the child was alone with the adult male.


According to the police report, the child who resides with his mother was at home alone a around 7pm when a man known to the family visited.


The report says the man who normally plays with the youngster, began a game of wrestling.


Reports say the older man eventually pinned the youngster on his stomach and buggered him.


The boy’s mother is said to be in state of shock.


She reportedly told police through her tears that she went to get dinner for her children and left the teen ironing his school clothes.


The distraught woman said she knows the man very well, they grew up together and he is accustomed to visiting and keeping her son company.


She said after learning of the attack, she immediately took her son to the police station where she made a report and the Scarborough General Hospital for her son to be examined.


Doctors have confirmed that the boy was sexually assaulted.


WPC Procope-Mayers is investigating the matter.

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