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THA Chief Secretary, Farley Augustine

The Chief Secretary is giving notice to the Government, he will be taking the ongoing fiscal dispute between the Tobago House of Assembly and the Central Government before the Dispute Resolutions Commission. 

The THA has decided to double down on its claim, that it is owed millions of dollars by the ministry of finance. 

In outlining the reprioritized focus of his executive council, Secretary of Finance, Trade and the Economy, Mr. Augustine said, negotiations to recoup the outstanding sum have failed to bear fruit. 

As such he said, it is time for a change in approach from the THA. 

Stressing that there was no need for new legislation to give Tobago a greater share of the fiscal pie, Mr. Augustine said, there has been a fiscal stranglehold on the island by the Central Government since 2017, but more so since his administration took office. 

In light of this the Chief Secretary pointed to new approaches to drive the island’s development. 

He said, the outstanding monies will be used to pay monies owed to contractors. 

In response, minority leader Kelvon Morris rebutted saying, the Chief Secretary’s arguments cannot hold water. 

He wants to know what the current administration did in the last two years. 

Minority leader Morris asserted that Tobago businessmen were hurting because of the THA’s policies. 

Mr. Morris is calling for fresh THA elections now. 

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