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“Take your rig and go” comment to oil giant BP described as unfortunate

images-9President General of the Oilfield Workers Trade Union Ancil Roget’s “take your rig and go” comment to oil giant BP is described as unfortunate.


Labour Minister Jeniffer Baptiste Primus says given the current energy climate it should not have been said.


Mr. Roget made the comment following BP’s decision to fabricate its Angelin platform outside of Trinidad and Tobago.


The company said it was due to a nearing deadline that had to be met.


Addressing the issue at a protest last friday outside the St. Clair offices of the Prime Minister, Mr. Roget accused BP of attempting to hold the country to ransom.


Meanwhile the impasse now taking place between the OWTU and Lennox Petroleum Company has the Minister’s attention


The workers were evicted from the Rowan EXL 11 rig, after downing tools over claims of unsafe working conditions two weeks ago.


The workers have been suspended and an injunction has been filed against them.


Questioned on her position on this matter, Mrs. Baptiste Primus said under the Industrial Relations Act she can only intervene once such a request is made.


The OWTU has pledged its support for the 23 workers.

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