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St. Lucia Labour Party ramping up the pressure on government for it’s handling of the Health Sector

millenium-heights-medical-complex-with-eu-hospital0-560x390The Opposition St. Lucia Labour Party is ramping up the pressure on the government for it’s handling of the Health Sector.
The Opposition remains staunchly opposed to the government’s plans to contract a private entity to operate the Okeu Hospital.
The Opposition argues that the government’s plans place the health and life of ordinary St. Lucians at risk.

The government of Prime Minister Allan Chastenet has announced a 70 to 100-bed facility in a joint venture with Health City Cayman, an offshoot of the Indian based hospital chain Naryana Health.

The Opposition says it will not allow it.

At an estimated cost of more than 100 million dollars it is the most expensive donations St. Lucia has ever received from the European Union.

The PM has made several suggestions on how the Okeu will operate.

But another Opposition voice Moses Baptiste says PM Chastenet has no respect for the people.

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