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SRP could be charged in connection with fatal accident which claimed the life of a 46-year-old woman in Diego Martin

momentA Special Reserve Police officer could be charged in connection with a fatal accident on the Diego Martin Main Road.


The SRP is being questioned by the police following the death of Shervon Medina.


Ms. Medina was struck and killed while walking on a pavement in Diego Martin on Tuesday night.


It is said a Special Reserve Police officer drove the vehicle, which hit Ms. Medina.


Up to late yesterday the SRP was still in police custody.


Reports say Ms. Medina was walking from her hus­band’s home to a near­by shop on the Diego Mar­tin Main Road on Tuesday night when she was hit.


It is said the vehicle was speeding along the pavement and struck Ms. Medina throwing her in­to the air.


Ms. Med­i­na was 46-years-old and lived at Ifill Lane, Pin­to Road, Ari­ma


She was pro­nounced dead at the St. James Med­ical Fa­cil­i­ty.


Ac­cord­ing to the po­lice re­port, the dri­ver of the car which struck and killed Ms. Med­i­na, was trying to over­take an­oth­er ve­hi­cle which had just turned on­to the Main Road from Sa­landy Street but in­stead clipped the fend­er of the ve­hi­cle and mount­ed the near­by pave­ment.


A video clip being circulated shows the vehicle trav­el­ling at a high speed on the pavement.


Many are expressing outrage at what took place.

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