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Schools to begin functioning at 100% capacity

Education Minister Dr. Nyan Gadsby Dolly

Schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago will begin functioning at 100% capacity come April 19th.

The return to full time learning and teaching will bring to an end more than two years of online and rotational classes.

The announcement was made by Education Minister Dr. Nyan Gadsby Dolly yesterday.

Acting Chief Education Officer Lisa Henry David said COVID-19 protocols will be in effect when schools reopen, and they will apply to students, teachers, parents and visitors.

She said all the materials and tools needed in the COVID fight have been distributed to schools.

The Ministry officials say timetables will return to what it was pre COVID-19.

Extra curricular activities will resume and school transport will operate at full capacity.

Minister in the Ministry of Education, Lisa Morris Julien said at the ECC level there would also be stringent measures.

Minister Gadsby Dolly said it is expected that all students will go out to school on April 19th, but parents who prefer home schooling are free to use that option.

The Minister said there were consultations but she has not met in person with the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teacher Association.

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