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Risk of congregation…a major concern in July SEA

The risk of congregation is listed as a major issue in the July SEA exam the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association.

More than 19,000 students are expected to sit the exam on July 1st.

However President Antonia De Freitas says it may not be a wise decision.

On The Morning Show on i95.5fm yesterday, Ms. De Freitas also said there have been no assurances coming from the Ministry of Health on the decision.

Ms. De Freitas further noted that while teachers will go above and beyond to ensure children are safe and comfortable in an exam environment, it is their personal decision to supervise or not.   

On Tuesday government said the SEA would go ahead as planned on July 1st with some 3,000 teachers and individuals expected to supervise.

Director of School Supervision and Management Naima Hosein assured those supervising have been vaccinated.

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