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Richard “Snake” Marcell fined $400 for cursing and attacking MP Fitzgerald Hinds

fitzgerald-hinds-beetham-flood-a-ftrFour hundred dollars for cursing and attacking the Member of Parliament of Laventille West, Fitzgerald Hinds.


31-year-old Beetham Gardens resident Richard “Snake” Marcell was fined yesterday.


On the charge of assault he was ordered to pay 300 dollars and given one week to pay or he could serve 2 weeks in jail.


On the obscene language charge Mr. Marcell was fined 100 dollars.


Failure to pay he would serve 1 week in jail.


Mr. Marcell was charged after he splashed muddy flood water on Mr. Hinds who was visiting the area to assess the damage done by heavy rains.


The incident occurred on August 14th.


Before Magistrate Sanara Toon yesterday Mr. Marcell’s attorneys said years of broken promises by the MP led to the resident’s action.


Attorney Richard Clarke Wills told the Magistrate, Mr. Hinds made so many promises and none were kept.


He said the MP then showed up at Beetham Gardens with the media and it was seen as just a show.


The Police Prosecutor said Mr. Hinds was touring the flood affected parts of the Beetham Gardens when Mr. Marcell began cursing and kicking water at him.


Mr. Marcell said the account of the Prosecutor was accurate.

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