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Relatives of Anita Bahadur say she was constantly hiding from her ex lover

Unknown-39The relatives of the woman fatally stabbed by her ex lover, say she was constantly running and hiding from him.


Anita Bahadur was stabbed in the presence of members of the public in a busy part of San Juan earlier this week.


The suspect was chased, caught and beaten by onlookers, who handed him over to the police.


27-year-old Ms. Bahadur died at hospital.


Her brother-in-law, Clifford Rollins Jr, is upset saying she was looking for protection from the police but never got it.


And yesterday the brother of the suspect Thurion Garcia in a broadcast on facebook apologised to Ms. Bahadur’s relatives and family.


Mr. Garcia said his brother must be punished for his actions.


However Mr. Garcia urged the public not to judge his family by this incident.


Mr. Garcia said he and his brothers and sisters lost their mother at an early age and he feels a sense of responsibility for the family.


Ms. Bahadur is just one of several women violently killed in domestic related situations in the twin island republic so far this year.

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