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Relatives Baffled At Nathan David Maraj’s Brutal Murder

headless man IDRelatives say they are baffled as to why Nathan David Maraj was killed in such a brutal manner. Mr. Maraj’s decapitated body found in east Port of Spain earlier this week. Yesterday relatives positively identified him at the Forensic Science Center.

35-year-old Maraj’s head was found on Wednesday morning by a garbage collector who was about to empty a concrete dumpster on Quarry Street, Port Of Spain. It was wrapped in a plastic bag and placed inside the dumpster. Several hours after his body, minus the head and arms, was found on Duncan Street.

An autopsy found Mr. Maraj died from stab wounds, and not from decapitation. The siblings told reporters they positively identified him to Pathologist Dr. Hughvon Des Vignes after they viewed the remains and the clothing.

The corpse was discovered wrapped in a blue tarpaulin and stuffed in the trunk of a BMW. Mr. Maraj lived at Las Lomas Number 2. Mr. Maraj was once an employee of Maritime Insurance Company.

One of his brothers said Mr. Maraj has not been himself in recent years. Residents of Duncan Street say the vehicle in which Mr. Maraj’s body was found was parked there since early Monday. There were injuries to his upper body.



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