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Public Utilities Minister rubbishes claims by Opposition MP about WASA

Minister of Public Utilities, Marvin Gonzales

The Minister of Public Utilities rubbishes the claims made by Opposition MP Roodal Moonilal about the Water And Sewerage Authority and its transformation plan.

Marvin Gonzales says the claims are all lies.

Last Sunday Dr. Moonilal made several claims, among them that government had a secret deal with a Canadian firm.

Yesterday Minister Gonzales said that is a lie.

Last night Dr. Moonilal insisted there is an arrangement.

The UNC MP also spoke to government’s mishandling of funds and the training new managers to take over the jobs of workers being retrenched.   

Again Minister Gonzales said there was no truth to this allegation.

Marvin Gonzales yesterday read from a document several years old, which showed the plan by the previous government to send home workers of the authority.

He said if the then government had stuck to its plan, WASA would have been in a better place today.

But Dr. Moonilal hours later said retrenchment at WASA was never a condition of the IDB loan.

He said what was to be offered was voluntary separation.

Dr. Moonilal was speaking at the Monday night forum of the United National Congress.

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