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President of the Single Fathers’ Association is told by the Children’s Authority to take his concerns to the police

The Children’s Authority tells the President of the Single Fathers’ Association to take his concerns to the police. Association President Rondall Feeles is accusing the authority of not acting fairly.


His comments follow the recent arrest of a father, whose daughter was removed from the home. Mr. Feeles believes the authority acted unjustly, and he says he as evidence to support his claims. But in response, the Children’s Authority says it categorically denies the allegations made by Mr. Feeles.


In fact the authority says it did not remove the child. It says the police did under Section 45 of the Children’s Authority Act, 2012. It says the police also placed the man’s other children in the care of the authority in accordance with Section 22 of the same act.


The authority explains that its emergency response team facilitated the removal of the other two children and ensured that they were settled and will continue to follow up with counselling and support for the child who is due to write the SEA exam.


In a statement, the authority says it has had communications with the father, providing information about the well-being of his child while the police investigations were being conducted. The authority says it does not conduct criminal investigations. It says this is the job of the police.

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