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President of Fireworks Use Sufferers Group wants National Security Minister to state what constitutes as a scratch bomb

Stuart_Young_President of the Fireworks Use Sufferers Group, Nalini Dial says despite the ban on scratch bombs by government, citizens and animals will continue to be negatively affected.


In November, Cabinet agreed to ban the importation and sale of scratch bombs.


The announcement by National Security Minister, Stuart Young came just weeks before usage of the explosive items spikes.


Today, Ms. Dial says she continues to receive numerous reports of the use of explosive devices in areas across the country.


She is calling on Minister Young to state what will constitute as a scratch bomb.


Speaking with Newscentre 5 this morning, Ms. Dial said citizens and animals continue to suffer.


The ban on scratch bombs prohibits the importation, sale, storage and use of the devices.


Anyone caught using them can be arrested and charged.

Ms. Dial called on police officers to ensure the law is enforced.

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