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Police rescue 19 Latin girls in what they believe to be a sex ring

3021434Police have shut down what they believe to be a sex ring, and rescued 19 Latin girls as young as 15-years-old.


Police say in addition to the minors, some 19-year-olds were also removed from the establishment in question.


Officers believe the young women and girls were being held captive for the purpose of sex trafficking.


Police conducted raids in several places between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, including Westmoorings, St. James, Ariapita Avenue, Diego Martin, and Morne Coco Road.


Police Commissioner Gary Griffith spearheaded the operation.


Commissioner Griffith said the females were being used as sex slaves.


Officers from Special Operations Response Team, Counter Trafficking Unit, Financial Intelligence Bureau and Child Protection Unit also assisted in the raids.


Acting Supt. Wendell Lucas of the FIB unit called on property owners to ensure thorough checks are made before leasing out their buildings.



Aside from rescuing the young girls police also seized a quantity of narcotics and sums of local and foreign currency.


Eighteen people of Asian and South American descent were detained in relation to the alleged sex ring.


Raids were also conducted in Curepe, where police officers stormed two Asian-based businesses located across the street from each other.


Police care yet to disclose what if anything was found in those locations.

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