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Energy efficiency…one of the major issues to address if T&T is to make full use of its natural resources

d0c89d4a-03e0-4825-8202-b7fbb0a5da3c_zruq7tNGC President Mark Loquan says energy efficiency is one of the major issues, which must be addressed if Trinidad and Tobago is to make full use of its natural resources.


Mr. Loquan made the statement at the 2019 Energy Conference and Trade Show, at the HYATT on Tuesday.


He said the business side of the Energy Sector has undergone significant changes over the past few years and the country is in a different place compared to two years ago.


Mr. Loquan said the conversation now must include reinforcing a policy on ways to be efficient on an individual basis and even, at a national level.


He noted that there must be now visions even up to 2050, education in schools about energy efficiency, standards and even how energy is used in the home.


Mr. Loquan further said NGC has to use technology to build a culture of sustainability for the national benefit.

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