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Police Association says public ridicule could have contributed to murder suicide involving 2 officers

Police Association President Michael Seales

Police Association President Michael Seales

The Police Association says public ridicule and humiliation could have contributed to the murder suicide involving two police officers.

According to reports police Constable Michael Youksee shot and killed his estranged common-law wife WPC Racquel Kips, at around 10:45 yesterday morning.


Residents of Mt. Dor Road, Champs Fleurs later told police they heard multiple gunshots followed by a pause and then a single shot.


The couple’s son was then heard screaming.


WPC Kips was pronounced dead at the scene, while PC Youksee later died at hospital.


Today President of the association Michael Seales says said there was an issue of infidelity.


He said the male officer was continuously teased about the situation.


Inspector Seales says mental health treatment is vital for the police service.


Inspector Seales was speaking on TV6’s Morning Edition program earlier.

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