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Prime Minster Dr. Keith Rowley

Prime Minster Dr. Keith Rowley hails the judgement handed down in the Civil Asset Forfeiture case in Miami arising out of the Piarco Airport corruption matter.

The verdict was handed down on Wednesday.

Dr. Rowley yesterday said it was a great day for the country.

On his Facebook page he also attached pictures of the 3 daily newspapers, which all had the story on their front pages.

The case involved the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago v Birk Hillman Consultants, Inc., et al, in the Circuit Court in and for the 11th judicial circuit.

The Miami Court awarded Trinidad and Tobago the sum of US$100 million.

The jury concluded that all 3 defendants, businessman Steve Ferguson, former Minister Brian Kuei Tung and Raul Gutierrez Jr, the former Principal of Calmaquip Engineering Corporation, which provided the specialised equipment at the airport, were liable.

Former Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi spoke with TV6 news last evening.

Mr. Al-Rawi said this is an example that the system works.

Meanwhile businessman Steve Ferguson says he intends to appeal the ruling passed down by the Miami jury.

Mr. Ferguson is quoted in the Newsday as saying several elements of the case were prejudicial and confirmed that appellate attorneys have begun working on filing an appeal.

He also accused Mr. Al-Rawi of entering false statements during the trial and Mr. Kuei Tung was unable to attend a deposition owing to eye surgery and he was concerned his fellow defendant was not treated fairly.

Mr. Ferguson also asserted there are a whole host of things and other legal issues that were highly prejudicial and the jury instructions were that Mr. Kuei Tung was guilty.

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