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Paria Fuels attempts to retrieve the bodies of the missing underwater welders today

Attempts will begin today to flush out the bodies of the four underwater welders reported missing while on the job.

The men are Faizal Kurban, Rishie Nagassar, Yusuf Henry and Kazim Ali Junior.

Last Friday the 4, along with Christopher Boodram were sucked into a 36-inch pipeline at Paria Fuels.

Mr. Boodram was rescued and is now hospitalised.

Last night at a news conference Paria Fuels’ Chief Executive Officer Mustaq Mohammed said the 4 men are believed to have died.

Mr. Mohammed admitted it was not an easy call.

Mr. Mohammed said efforts are being made to recover the bodies so they can be handed over to their loved ones.

He could not say exactly where the men are located.

However the C.E.O. explained that a water displacement process is to be used to get the bodies out.

Earlier the families of the missing under water welders were demanding answers from Paria Fuels.

For a 3rd day they were in the car park of the company awaiting word on their loved ones.

Family members felt the management of the company were involved in a cover-up.

At a news conference yesterday, chief whip and Pointe A Pierre MP, David Lee slammed the company for the way it has treated family members.

Company officials last night said counseling services have been offered to family members.

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