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Bogus cheques, a thorn in the side of Supermarkets Association

The Supermarkets Association says it may have to change the way it does business with the Ministry of Social Development.

Supermarkets presently accept all government pension cheques and grants.

Fraudulent activity related to the State grants over the last 2 weeks has impacted the cashing of cheques at supermarkets.

Over the weekend Social Development Minister Donna Cox accused supermarkets of cashing fraudulent cheques.

Yesterday head of the association Rajiv Diptee said this could have been sorted out between the Ministry and the Central Bank.

Mr. Diptee also told Newscenter 5 the survival of several stores is now in question.

And Minister Cox confirms that a stop order has been placed all on government cheques and grants, which were deemed stolen.

Minister Cox told Newscenter 5, the Supermarkets Association also has a duty to protect itself.

The Fraud Squad is said to be actively investigating the theft of the over 1800 government issued cheques.  

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