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No Identification yet on Headless Body

murdersceneHours after a severed human head was found in a concrete dumpster in east Port of Spain, a body was discovered in the trunk of a luxury vehicle not too far away. Police are already linking the two discoveries. There is no positive identification yet.

According to police the corpse was wrapped in a tarpaulin and stuffed in the trunk of a BMW one series on Duncan Street yesterday. Hours earlier the head of a man was discovered at by a garbage collector along Quarry Street, East Dry River. The worker was reportedly removing rubbish from the concrete dumpster when the decapitated head was found among bags of garbage.

Head of the Port of Spain Division, Johnny Abraham told reporters, the murder may be drug connected. He said it seems a message is being sent by the way the man was murdered. It is believed the man may have been murdered elsewhere and the body and vehicle were brought into the area, not too far from the Duncan Street Police Post.



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