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Murder toll in the country increases by 5

Another bloody weekend 5 men are shot and killed.

The 5 killings occurred on Saturday and last evening.

The latest victim last evening is identified only as cheesy and he was killed at Kelly Village.

That incident is reported to have occurred at around 9:30pm.

Last Saturday 28-year-old Kyron Marcano was shot and killed at a bar in Claxton St. John Extension at around 10:30 pm when gunmen sprayed the place with bullets.

Two others were wounded.

Earlier 39-year-old Kunta Andrews and 58-year-old Anthony Sergeant were gunned down while they were liming on Tenth Street in Malick.

Two women are among the wounded.

And 23-year-old Bevon Grant was later shot while he was in a car park between buildings 18 and 19 in Maloney Gardens.

It is reported a man got out of a car and shot Mr. Grant several times before getting back into the same car and driving off.

Maloney police and investigators from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region II visited the scene.

Lawmen found nine spent shells at the scene.

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