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Murder in Claxton Bay

An overnight murder in Claxton Bay.

The victim is identified as Stacy Adanna Dick

The 36-year-old woman was discovered by police at a bus shed near her Christian Drive, Plaisance Park home last night.

Investigators believe Ms. Dick was killed during a domestic dispute.

It is said she was seen in a heated argument earlier that night with a male relative.

Police officers of the St. Margaret’s Police Station say they received reports from residents about screams coming from the Southern Main Road at around 10 o’clock last night.

Police responded and later found Ms. Dick unresponsive, lying in a crouched position, at the back of a bus shed.

Investigators say her clothes were stained with blood from wounds to her left side.

Police say she had in one of her hands a knife.

Officers suspect she was stabbed and was able to grab the knife and held onto it to defend herself in case her attacker returned.

A bottle of white oak rum, a red bandana, a bunch of keys, and a silver bracelet were also found at the scene.

Cpl. Forbes is continuing investigations.

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