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Man who offered couple unauthorised HDC house is identified

5bdb2b06c080d.imageA man who rerportedly offered a couple a Housing Development Corporation house in Greenvale Park La Horquetta has been identified.


HDC’s managing director Brent Lyons yesterday confirmed that the person is not an employee.


However he works with the Ministry of Housing.


The HDC evicted the couple Atiba and Natisha Sorzano on Wednesday this week, after it was found that they were illegally occupying a house at Alpha Avenue Greenvale.


The couple has claimed the man assisted them and they moved into the unit last year.


Managing director Mr. Lyons says the Ministry of Housing has launched an investigation into the matter.


He is also reported as saying Mr. Sorzano did have an HDC application on file.


Mr. Sorzano says since he moved into the house last year he has not paid rent or a mortgage.


He says the person who helped him get the house claimed he was working on how the payments would go.

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