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La Brea murder accused to appear in court today

Unknown-41The man accused of killing four people in La Brea is expected to appear in court today.


The suspect who is 38 years old is charged with murder and he is to go before a Point Fortin Magistrate this morning.


The man, a mason, from Gonzales Village La Brea was found in Valencia almost one week after the killings of 42-year-old Abigail Jones-Chapman, her 15-year-old daughter, Olivia, Olivia’s friend, 14-year-old Michaela Mason, and Mrs. Jones-Chapman’s landlord 69-year-old Michael Scott.


Mr. Scott was laid to rest yesterday.


And defence attorney Fareed Ali says there is a role for the average citizen in protecting women from domestic violence.


Mr. Ali is representing the suspect.


Mr. Ali yesterday said the spate of similar incidents was unfortunate.


He also called for some murders charges to be bailable offences.


He said in domestic related homicides it becomes difficult to determine intention and so it may be classified as a lesser murder.


It is believed that before they died, the mother and the two teenagers were in the apartment and Mr. Scott, the owner of the house, heard the women’s screams and went to assist.


Autopsies found that Mr. Scott and Ms. Abigail Chapman were beaten to death, while the throats of the teenagers were slit.

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