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Investigation launched by EMA into reports of diesel dumping

An investigation is launched by the Environmental Management Authority into reports of diesel dumping in the western peninsula.

In a brief release yesterday the EMA said it is working alongside the Institute for Marine Affairs, the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard and the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries to address the report.

Earlier lobby group Fishermen and Friends of the Sea told Newscenter 5 it has received reports that Venezuelan fishing vessels have been releasing diesel while docked at Coral Cove Marina in Chaguaramas.

Mr. Aboud said concerned citizens indicating that the mass amount of diesel flowing is from 3 Venezuelan ships docked in the marina, took pictures. 

Mr. Aboud called on the government and the EMA to implement the law and prevent the blatant disregard for the country’s marine environment.

Mr. Aboud warned that oil is deadly, as it bio-accumulates and bio-magnifies, leaving an everlasting effect on the marine environment.

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