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Integrity Commission operating within law says AG

ic-logoThe Integrity Commission is said to be operating with the law despite being hit with 2 resignations.

Last week deputy chairman retired justice Sebastien Ventour and Dr. Shelly Ann Lalchan tendered their resignations. It followed commission’s issuing of a statement that it had closed its investigation into the emailgate matter.

There have been calls for the remaining commissioners to step down and the president to appoint new persons.

But speaking with reporters outside the parliament yesterday attorney general Garvin Nicholas said this is not necessary.  Mr Nicholas said, “the Integrity Commission has a quorum of three commissioner and at this time there are three commissioners, so that the body is properly constituted as far as a quorum is concerned and is operating within the law”.

But opposition senator Faris Al Rawi said as far as the Peoples National Movement is concerned the Integrity Commission has collapsed.

President Anthony Carmona is expected to issue a statement on the matter.

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