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Attorney General Reginald Amour

The Trinidad and Tobago police service is said to be corrupt.

This is the view of Independent Senator Deoroop Teemal, who also disagrees that there are a few bad apples in the service, saying there are too many.

Mr. Teemal was contributing to the budget debate in the upper house yesterday.

The senator said it appears the TTPS is untouchable as many are afraid to speak up on the issue.

Mr. Teemal said, the fact that the government has proposed a special elite vetted unit within the TTPS speak volumes.

He said, the members of the public are scared stiff to make reports for fear the officers have criminal links.

Senator Teemal said, many point to the few bad apples within the TTPS but the figure is very high.

He said, this issue needs to be tackled head-on.

The Attorney General Reginald Armour comes to the defence, of the Trinidad and Tobago police service.

He admonishes fellow senators to be fair when commenting on topics.

Yesterday AG Armour gave this advice as he responded to independent Senator Deoroop Teemal’s scathing remarks about the TTPS.

AG Armour said, while he acknowledges ills within the service, the recent work of the TTPS cannot be ignored.

The Attorney General also spoke of government’s approach in the crime fight.

He told the Upper House, his office is working on a comprehensive bail reformation legislative package to be soon introduced to the parliament.

He even spoke of coming legislation to address other serious crimes, including human trafficking.

During his contribution, AG Armour also pointed the senate to the many pieces of legislation introduced by his office, including the sexual offences amendment number three bill, 2021 and justices of the peace bill.

He was contributing to the budget debate.

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