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House full of unsupervised children given sleeping pills by another child in Virginia

A house full of unsupervised children in Virginia were given sleeping pills by another child, causing them to be hospitalised.

WTVR-TV reports that Hopewell Police were called to a home on south 16th Street around 5:30 yesterday afternoon, where they found 4 children, ages 1 to 4, unresponsive.

Three more children found in another part of the home were awake but lethargic.

Their ages were not immediately known.

Investigators said the pill bottle found didn’t have a label on it.

However, after questioning the 7-year-old and consulting with doctors, they were able to determine the medication was sleeping pills.

Lt. Cheyenne Casale of the Hopewell Police Department said the kids were left alone for a short period of time and that one of the kids who had prescription medication got into it and shared with the other children here.

It was not immediately clear if the medication was prescribed to the 7-year-old child.

All 7 children were taken to a hospital and the 2 youngest were later transported to another hospital in serious condition.

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