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Head of Supermarkets Association says what shipping industry is experiencing at this time is a logistical nightmare

Head of the Supermarkets Association, Rajiv Diptee

Head of the Supermarkets Association Rajiv Diptee describes as a logistical nightmare what the shipping industry is experiencing at this time.

This as hundreds of container ships are stalled in several parts of the Atlantic, including as far off the Port of Los Angeles.

Mr. Diptee blames the knock-on effects of the pandemic and the increase in consumption that accompanies the emergence from the outbreak.

Mr. Diptee tells Newscenter 5 key ports are unable to keep up with consumer demand.

And he said its just not food items.

Mr. Diptee says food security is paramount in this time and unless smaller countries generate their own food supply, consumers will continue to pay the price.

On Wednesday the Bahamas announced a price hike in some food items because of shipping delays.

Mr. Diptee was not ready to make any assumptions but not for the first time, pointed to delayed freight as a cost factor.

Reports are that containers shipped from Asia in May are only now arriving in North America.

Some of the container ships are said to be carrying food items but most are transporting raw materials, toys, furniture and specialty items not manufactured in the United States.  

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