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Court orders ACP Stephen Williams to give gun license to national sports shooter

59c9698845d2a027e83d616fThe court has ordered the Acting Police Commissioner to give a gun license to national sports shooter Robert Auerbach.


Mr. Auerbach has won his lawsuit against commissioner Stephen Williams over a six-year delay in considering his application for a firearm users’ license.


Justice Vasheist Kokaram delivered the ruling in the Port-of-Spain High Court yesterday.


Justice Kokaram ruled that commissioner Williams had failed in his statutory obligation to either approve or deny Auerbach’s application within a reasonable time.


In the lawsuit, Mr. Auerbach, who has been representing T&T in Trap and Skeet Shooting since he was 14-years-old, stated that the license is a vital part of his participation in the sport as it is required for training and competing in tournaments.


As a minor and young adult, Auerbach would use his father’s license to participate but he was forced to apply for his own because his father was unable to attend events prior to his death in 2014.


Mr. Auerbach, who won a gold medal at the 21st Central American and Caribbean games in Puerto Rico in 2010, applied in December 2012.


He said over the past six years the commissioner never responded to the application despite several requests from him.


He claimed that as a result of commissioner Williams’ failure to process the application he could not access the firearm appeal tribunal, which hears appeals from persons whose applications are rejected.

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