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Coast Guard tells COE its members could not rescue men trapped in pipeline cause the are not trained or equipped to dive in confined spaces

Lieutenent Commander Michael Maharaj of the Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard

The Coast Guard tells the Commission of Enquiry into the February 25th Paria tragedy its members could not rescue the men trapped in the pipeline.

Lieutenent Commander Michael Maharaj says Coast Guard officers are not trained or equipped to dive in confined spaces.

He was responding to questions by Counsel for the Commission Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj yesterday.

Mr. Maharaj was summoned to sit before the Commission.

He said he was not at the Point-a-Pierre facility on the day the accident occurred.

However, he said he was on site the following day after the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management contacted him.

Senior Counsel Maharaj then read from a statement from Paria’s Terminal Manager, Colin Piper and Mr. Maharaj regarding a meeting on the rescue efforts. 

Lieutenent Commander Maharaj denied it.

Chairman Jermome Lycnh King’s Counsel pressed him further.

He said at no time did he give any advice to Mr. Piper.

He said while he did meet with Mr. Piper the contents of his statement are inaccurate.

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