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Clean up operations on going in the Gulf of Paria on going says Petrotrin

Unknown-15Petrotrin says clean up operations in the Gulf of Paria are on going.


This follows a leak of bunker fuel from the Pointe-a-Pierre refinery into the Guaracara River.


The leak soon spread to the sea.


In a statement Petrotrin says it has deployed vessels to clean up the hydrocarbon.


The state owned company says the oil slick is moving in a west northwesterly direction and poses no visible threat to the southwestern peninsula at this time.


Petrotrin notes their vessels are currently addressing visible sheens of hydrocarbon.


The company further says it is aware of the concerns expressed over the impact of the spill on the Guaracara River and its adjoining communities.


Oil-soaked birds and other wildlife discovered at the mouth of the Guaracara River were being treated by the company’s wildlife rehabilitation plan.


Petrotrin says it’s containment and recovery works will continue in the following days.


The release explains that given the progress made, plans are being developed for the next phase, which will include remediation works to the affected area.


Energy Minister Franklyn Khan expressed concern in the senate on Tuesday.



5 people were taken to hospital for treatment following the spill.

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