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Claims of corruption and mismanagement at WASA

Public Utilities Minister, Marvin Gonzales

The Public Utilities Minister tells of corruption at the Water And Sewerage Authority.

Minister Marvin Gonzales made the revelation during a news conference yesterday.

As such he said radical measures are required to fix the mismanagement at WASA.

The Minister also expressed concern over the dependency on truck borne water for some communities.

He described this as a national embarrassment.

The Minister later announced a new head at the utility in an aim to improve its operations.

He announced Dr. Lennox Sealy as the new chairman and chief executive officer.

The Minister also revealed that Allan Poon King, who has acted in the position of C.E.O for the last 4 years, would now resume his former role.

He also said before any transformation can take place the 650 million dollar debt owed to private contractors must be dealt with.

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