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Central Division police capture leads to breakthrough

Thirty-year-old Anthony Hoyte, of Roystonia, Couva is expected to appear before the Chaguanas Magistrate’s Court today.

His capture led to a breakthrough by central division officers in a robbery incident involving men purporting to be police officers.

According to the police service he faces 3 counts of robbery with violence, 2 counts of assault with intent to rob, 1 count of robbery with aggravation and 5 counts of false imprisonment.

He was charged on Saturday.

According to reports, a group of 5 men dressed in what appeared to be police tactical wear and armed, approached a man at Derrick Road, Chase Village and announced a robbery.

The men then allegedly took the man to a nearby residence where they relieved him of his cell phone.

The suspects allegedly, then entered the house where they bound 2 of the 3 occupants and relieved them of a quantity of cash and jewelry.

The men also reportedly stole a white Toyota Fielder from the owner in a bid to escape, after they met an obstruction and were forced to abandon their vehicle.

The vehicle owner’s cell phone was also stolen.

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