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CAL to send home close to 600 workers

Caribbean Airlines is getting ready to send home close to 600 workers in Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica.

The measures become effective on October 15th.

There will also be salary cuts for employees remaining at the company.

CAL is hoping to save 1.6 million US dollars a month because of the planned measures.

The company’s Head of Corporate Communications, Dionne Ligoure says these temporary measures are necessary.

Speaking with Newscentre 5 yesterday, Ms. Ligoure said 2020 has by far been the worst year for the global travel industry.

Ms. Ligoure also said these decisions, which were taken after careful consideration; discussions with key stakeholders and with the support of the Board of Directors will not affect its current operations.

Chief Executive Officer of CAL, Garvin Madera assures while these temporary targeted measures are aimed at reducing costs and will not impact the quality of service, safety and customer care.

According to Mr. Madera, current operations including cargo, the domestic air bridge between Trinidad and Tobago, the Kingston and Barbados based commercial services and special government approved flights to/from Trinidad and Tobago will be unaffected.”

The Sunday Express reported last weekend that the move would affect about 1,700 employees to varying degrees, but the company’s 250 pilots and about 375 flight attendants will feel the most immediate impact.

It said CAL’s proposals were made at a meeting that the board of the Trinidad and Tobago Airline Pilots Association held with the airline’s Vice-President of Human Resources, Roger Berkeley, on September 16th.

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