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Blowout at a meeting of the Port of Spain City Corporation

Mayor of Port of Spain, Joel Martinez

The administration at the Port of Spain City Corporation is being accused of poor management.

The accusation is coming from the Council Members.

Yesterday saw very heated exchanges at the Statutory Meeting of the Council, with several interventions by Mayor Joel Martinez.

The administration is also accused of hindering the work of the Council.

Council Members said they are fed up of the excuses and non-performance of those in the administration.

Alderman Wendel Stephens was furious.

Mayor Martinez said some basics needed in this time of COVID-19 are difficult to come by.

At one point an obviously angry Chief Executive Officer Annette Stapleton Seaforth responded to the claims.

Again the Mayor sought to quell the outburst.

Representatives of the ruling Peoples National Movement run the Council.

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