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A suggestion from a businessman that the selection process of new Police Commissioner should not be limited to Jamaica Constabulary Force

UnknownAs the Police Service Commission gets ready to start the search for a new Police Commissioner, there is a suggestion that it’s time for the selection process not to be limited to talent within the Jamaica Constabulary Force.


Businessman John Mahfood, says over the years it has been traditional for the search for the Police Commissioner to be concentrated within the JCF, but he says this has not been effective.


The current Police Commissioner, George Quallo, will proceed on pre-retirement leave tomorrow.


Mr. Mahfood says it’s time for the search to include persons outside the Jamaica Constabulary Force and Jamaica, in order to get the best candidate.


Mr. Mahfood says the government may have to substantially increase the remuneration package for the Police Commissioner to attract the best candidate.


He says increasing the remuneration of the Police Commissioner is a proposal that would be readily supported by the business community.


Mr. Mahfood suggests that the remuneration for the Police Commissioner may have to be increased to the level of the Governor of the Bank of Jamaica if the government is serious about attracting the best candidate to the post.


He also says the successful candidate would have to be given the requisite resources to carry out the job; otherwise that person would also fail at taming the crime monster.

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