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3 overnight murders, one at McDonalds on Cipriani Boulevard

Unknown-3Three overnight murders are engaging the attention of the police.


In the latest incident we are told the victim has been identified as Kevin Paul.


He was 17-years-old.


Newscenter 5 understands Kevin was at Lodge Road in Claxton Bay at around 9 o’clock last night when a man in a car drove along side him and opened fire.


The car sped off and Kevin was found in a pool of blood.


He died at the scene.


Also, there has been a shooting at McDonalds on Cipriani Boulevard.


The victim is said to be male manager Ashmeed Mohammed at the fast food outlet.


That killing took place last night.


Newscenter 5 understands gunman walked into the restaurant and fired several shots.


The manager Ashmeed Mohammed was hit.


Reports say employees were questioned last evening.


And at Chrissy Terrace in Enterprise Chaguanas, Brian Lane was shot and killed.


Details of that killing have not yet been released.

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