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2 months after witnessing her husband’s murder Kristin Paul is shot dead

Kristin Paul is killed in a drive-by shooting in Penal.

Two months ago she witnessed her husband’s murder.

Thirty-year-old Ms. Paul was shot several times yesterday afternoon as she sat in a vehicle along Mohess Road.

It is reported she was sitting in the Nissan Frontier, which belongs to her brother-in-law while he was checking the engine of her car.

Another vehicle slowly passed, a man jumped out and fired several shots at the frontier, hitting Ms. Paul.

The shooter returned to the car and sped off.

Ms. Paul died at the scene.

Her husband Amit Boodoo died after he was chopped 3 times on the head during a fight on July 22nd.

The incident occurred in the driveway of the couple’s home in Jaipaulsingh Trace, Barrackpore.

It is reported she witnessed the fight and tried to intervene.

Her husband was a 36-year-old fisherman.

Investigations into her killing are ongoing.

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