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19 contract workers hired by the TTPS under former Commissioner Gary Griffith are sent home

Former Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith

A reported 19 civilians hired by former Police Commissioner Gary Griffith have been dismissed by the man now in charge of the service.

Mr. Griffith calls it victimisation and political witch hunting.

But Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mc Donald Jacob is denying there was anything sinister about the development.

Yesterday, Mr. Griffith sought to defend the spend on at least 9 of the contract workers.

He said all 9 persons were well trained and qualified.

Among them are Francis Joseph and Adrian Don Mora.

The former Commissioner said he surrounded himself with qualified people and makes no apologies for this.

Deputy Commissioner Jacob said yesterday some of them were no longer needed.

Gary Griffith is not convinced it was all about cutting costs.

In a statement Mr. Griffith claimed political interference in the running of the police service.

He said the purging now taking place reminds him of what happens after election campaigns.

Mr. Griffith said it is a witch-hunt born out of petty vindictiveness.

He said some of the individuals were fired on the spot.

Mr. Griffith also said as Commissioner he was pressured by a government official who wanted him to appoint a constable to head the Cyber Crimes Unit.

He said he rejected the attempts to exert pressure and perhaps he is now paying the price for that.

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