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TTOC puts to rest controversy over who should represent T&T at Rio games in the field of gymnastics

marissadickThe Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee has put to rest the controversy on who should represent this country at the Rio games in the field of gymnastics. It says that person will be Marissa Dick. The TTOC made the announcement at a news conference yesterday


President Brian Lewis said his hands were tied in the matter, as the decision was made based on the International Federation of Gymnastics’ confirmation of the eligibility of the athlete.


Mr. Lewis suggested that the TTGF could be disciplined under Clause 13 of the Olympic Charter and lamented the position that the TTOC found itself in. He said it was the first time the committee has ever invoked the clause and described it as a dark cloud over the organisation. This decision now conclusively rules out Thema Williams from the competition and is likely to add more fuel to the weeks of controversy.

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