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Trade unions make good on Motion of No Confidence in Prime Minister

Joint Trade Union Movement President, Ancel Roget

A Motion of No Confidence in the government of Prime Minister Keith Rowley has been moved and passed in what has been dubbed the “Workers Parliament”.

The motion was passed on Sunday during the Labour Day March, in the Seat of Labour, Charlie King Junction in Fyzabad.

Joint Trade Union Movement President Ancel Roget loudly proclaimed there was no speaker to stall the motion.

Before hundreds of workers and their union leaders, Mr. Roget made out a case for the motion, telling of job losses and looming retrenchment at various State agencies.

Then it was time for the motion to be moved.

And it was voted on and unanimously passed by the “Workers Parliament”.

Now the holders of the offices of the President, the President of the Senate, the Opposition Leader, the Speaker of the House and the chairman of CARICOM will receive copies of the motion.

Mr. Roget told the government to find the money to pay public sector workers.

It was the first time in the history of the labour movement such a motion was presented by its members and their leaders.

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