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Emancipation Support Committee unveils Yoruba Village Monument

Yoruba Village Monument, east Port of Spain

The Emancipation Support Committee unveils its Yoruba Village Monument, in tribute to the Yoruba Village Community and its rich heritage.

The monument, located at Yoruba Square in east Port of Spain, was unveiled during the Yoruba Drum Festival held over the weekend.

During the 19th century, east Port of Spain was known as Yoruba Village, or Yoruba Town, due to the large number of Yoruba-speaking people.

Founder of the Emancipation Support Committee Khafra Kambon described the event as a proud moment.

Also at the unveiling was National Security Minister and MP for Laventille west Fitzgeral Hinds.

Minister Hinds noted that African consciousness is critical to Trinidad and Tobago’s culture.

And Attorney at Law and MP for Port of Spain Keith Scotland said he was happy to reunite with his ancestral heritage. 

The Yoruba Village Monument will be named on Emancipation Day 2022. 

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